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Zumba with Trisha

Amazing Zumba classes ... Come and join the party



  • You will need to pre-book prior to each class by email or text only, giving your full name, class location and session time (please give 2 class options). Bookings will accepted from 5pm on the Thursday of the week prior to the class, and close 24 hours before the session. My mobile number is 07919 276539 and email is [email protected] (Do not use any other email address to book your space).
  • It is a legal requirement that I maintain a record of your name, mobile/phone number and email address (if you have one) for 21 days in accordance with the latest government ‘track and trace’ guidelines. Your details will be held on file and maintained for this purpose and in accordance with GDPR. You do not need to scan a QR code prior to attending any of my classes.
  • Whilst the COVID-19 guidelines are in place, and until the government advises otherwise, I will not accept any new joiners. Existing participants should continue to attend their pre-pandemic class, if possible.
  • If you're vulnerable / shielding or have a family member shielding, then you should not attend a live class.
  • Unfortunately, I will not be taking on any new participants until the pandemic situation changes.


The price for Zumba Gold cremains at £6 per class, and the preferred method of payment is by online banking direct or PayPal. Bank details and a link to PayPal will be forward to you once you have sent through a booking request. (PLEASE EMAIL/TEXT WHEN YOU HAVE MADE THE PAYMENT). Alternatively, if you prefer to pay on the day, then you will need to bring the correct money and drop it into my metal money box. Change will not be given. If you have one of my pre-COVID ‘advance payment card’, then you can still use it, but please mention it during booking.


  • Please try to avoid arriving too early - 5 minutes before the class starts should be fine. Use the entrance marked to gain access. (Kindly note that your exit may be through a different door). Individuals must not arrive at the venue as part of a group of more than 6.
  • If you drive and, where onsite parking is available, then it’s important that social distancing is practised.
  • Please do not wait inside the venue, as this is prohibited by the hall booking managers.
  • Entry will be staggered (based on arrival) with NO waiting in the entrance/lobby area inside the venue. Social distancing should be followed outside the venue. Unless you need to pay, there is no need to come up to register. I will write your details down on the registration form. (I may need to approach you at 2m distance for your name – if I don’t know it or if I have a memory block!).
  • All individuals must adhere to social distancing rules.
  • Masks should be worn inside the venue and only removed when participating in the exercise class.
  • Talking should be avoided inside the venue, if possible.


  • It’s important that you try and maintain social distance throughout the class if possible. Choreography will be adapted accordingly.
  • The volume of the music will be reduced and I will wear a face visor during the class to eliminate the transmission of respiratory droplets. I will continue to use a headset microphone to avoid raising my voice.
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sing, shout or hand press during the class itself.


I have been asked to ensure that everybody leaves as soon as the class is over. If you want to chat to anyone in the class, then please do so away from the venue, and ideally, in an outdoor space and whilst maintaining social distancing.

In venues where there is a separate exit point, then please use that door, applying social distancing guidelines as you depart. Where there is a single entry/exit point, then you should leave in a staggered fashion. Social distancing should be followed as you depart, as well as directly outside the venue.


You should sanitise your hands upon arrival and whenever you touch a surface. Sanitiser gel will be provided by me/the venue, but I recommend that you bring your own. Please follow the government’s hand hygiene guidance.


Participants must bring their own water. All kitchen/water dispensing facilities will be out of bounds, except for emergency access.


Windows and doors will remain open throughout the session, where permitted.


Unfortunately, in order to minimise the transmission of any potential virus, chairs will not be put out for the class.


Only ONE person is allowed in the toilet at a time. I will have disinfectant wipes with me, so please take one with you before you visit the toilet to clean surfaces (including the door handles). Please dispose of the wipe in the bin provided in the restroom. Do not flush it down the toilet.


I will be responsible for cleaning the relevant areas in the venue once everybody has departed.


Try and limit the amount of personal belongings you bring into the venue in order to reduce surface spread of coronavirus. I suggest that you arrive with the relevant clothing and footwear so you don't have to change in the venue. Please remember to take any property with you when you leave as I won’t be able to take anything with me, and will dispose of them at the end of the class.


You must NOT attend a class if:

  • you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, e.g. a high temperature, a new persistent cough, or a loss of or change in your sense of taste or smell.
  • you have been in contact with anyone confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, who has not completed 14 days isolation.
  • you are under self-isolation orders, e.g. you have arrived from a defined local lockdown area before any restrictions have been lifted, or from a country listed on the government’s quarantine list.


I will continue to provide a monthly video, as long as there is sufficient demand. If you are able to continue to subscribe it would help keep the numbers at a safe level, and allow those who don't have adequate space or technology to exercise at home.